Robin Hoods Bay

The bay at sunrise

The bay at sunrise

Robin hoods bay at sunrise

Thought this would be appropriate for my first attempt at a blog…..
I have been visiting the bay for a number of years now and it is the place where I first discovered Whitby Jet while on a trip with my two brothers. I remember getting a tad obsessive about finding it that first trip, I seem to recall I went home with a nice chunk of jet which I later discovered was dogger Jet (soft Jet).
From then on I set out to learn all I could about Whitby Jet and how to find it, suffice to say I am still learning today! However I am now slightly more successful 😉
Robin Hoods Bay is not only a good place for finding Whitby Jet and fossils it’s also just a truly stunning place, as you can see from the photo (click on it). It is steeped in history and then some, from ghosts to smugglers the bay has it all…(I recommend you go on the ghost walk)
Ps- If you visit in later October make sure you take a trip into Whitby as they hold a Goth weekend every year, and open up Whitby Abby for special Halloween events, it is awesome 😀
Think that’s enough from me for the moment, I will let the other two have a blog…..


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