Kevs 1st Blog

As you can see from the pic we had quite a productive visit to the North Yorkshire coast recently. I adore beach combing, especially on this gorgeous stretch of the coast. My eyes seem to be trained to find fossils rather than jet as Ian and Dave always seem to come away with a bag of jet twice the size of mine! Not that I mind too much 🙂 My problem now is trying to find time around family life, work and other hobbies to get round to some fossil preparation and some Jet polishing.

I’m a real lover of natural beauty and this is often expressed in my jet work, if a piece has a nice natural face I will often choose to leave that side and polish the rest. I also have a bit of an obsession with pyritic nodules and hope to be able to find some more with ammonite inclusions to prep and offer for sale. Although these are proving very hard to find without breaking the pyritic crust to pieces. Watch this space though as these are well worth the wait 😉

Hopefully, I will be blogging again soon with some prepped pieces to show you


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