Fossil hunting at Kettleness

We recently took the opportunity to have a day trip to Kettleness to collect some more fossils for the site and of course ourselves!

A lovely view of Kettleness beach

A lovely view of Kettleness beach

The trip started perfectly with a lovely clear run up to Whitby, where we stopped at The Singing Kettle for an immense fry up. Once fuelled sufficiently off we went to Kettleness point.
We had planned the trip and as such got there just as the tide started to go out (always be aware of the tide times), the warm clothing was thrown on and off we set.

Kettleness rope climb

Kettleness rope climb

To reach the beach at Kettleness you have two options, either you can walk 3.5 miles from Runswick, or you can descend the cliff via a rope climb. Having done the rope climb before this was what we had chosen to do, this is not a option for the faint hearted at this time of the year as you can see from the picture I snapped of Kev descending…. 😮
Once down to the cliff base it was nice to discover that we were the first onto Kettleness that day. We decided not to waste too much time and got straight down to the business of searching for fossils. In fossil hunting Kev is the master, and can sniff out a fossil it seems at times miles away! He of course was the first to start finding them.

View of Kettleness while on tea break

View of Kettleness while on tea break

On our last visit to Kettleness, Kev had discovered a recent cliff fall so we we decided to head towards that searching as we went. It is always quite productive if you can find a recent cliff fall, as new material is exposed and scattered along with nodules containing fossils. Once we reached the site we were picking up an ammonites left right and centre, and we were quickly joined by a couple of the locals.
After a couple of hours searching, and with our backpacks rammed and weighing a tonne, we stopped for a tea break and discussed our next move.

Cliff rope climb

Goldsborough Cliff rope climb

As time was flying by and we were beginning to get to the point of not making it back around to the Kettleness rope climb due to being cut off, we had two options. The first was to start back to Kettleness right that moment and keep our fingers crossed that we would make it around the point before the tide did. The second option and the one we took was to attempt a rope climb up to Goldsborough one of the locals had told us about. Having not seen this rope climb before I for one was a little apprehensive about it. However one thing you really do not do on the North Yorkshire coastline is mess around when the tide is coming in!!

Kettleness rail tunnel on the old Whitby to Middlesborough line

Kettleness rail tunnel on the old Whitby to Middlesborough line

Upon reaching the top of the rope climb up, we were met with a most unexpected sight, a railway tunnel on the edge of a cliff……!
We started walking through it and it quickly became apparent that we would need a torch as it got pitch black within a few minutes, luckily I had packed my head torch.
This tunnel dates back to the late 1800’s and stretches 308 yards, it was discontinued in the 60’s.
The tunnel was a really awesome way to end a fantastic day trip to Kettleness!



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