Messing around in the workshop

Over the last couple of days  I have had the rare luxury of having a little spare time, I decided to have a mess around in the workshop and to also have a clean out… While deep in the clean out process I came across a box containing some Amber, which then completely distracted me from the cleaning job at hand.

I decided to see how well Amber would complement Whitby Jet, as it happens it works suprisingly well! I set out to make a simple Whitby Jet pendant with a Amber end, the process of working Amber it turns out is slightly easier than working Whitby Jet and a very similar process. The only tricky part was the actual bonding of the Amber to the Whitby Jet however after a few attempts I finally achieved a way of permanently bonding the two together. Within a short space of time I had created my first ever Whitby Jet and Amber jewellery  

Whitby jet Amber


I was pleased with this first attempt, so decided to create some earings to complement the pendant, This turned out to be slightly tricky due to the smaller sizes I was working with. However after a couple of failed attempts and some quite bad language I made a earing set that I was happy with ( its hard sometimes to just stop tinkering with something….)  

Whitby Jet and Amber earrings

It will be interesting to see what demand is like for this new creation, I certainly intend to do some more messing  around in the workshop and see what else pops into existence 😀


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