Amber Inclusions

We thought we would have a little post about Baltic Amber inclusions, as we find these to be a fascinating glimpse into the past…..

Most of the inclusions you see in Baltic Amber are made up from fossilised biological matter, such as plant life, insect life and animal life (the latter is quite rare!) which became caught in the resin as it was secreted, and dropped onto the ground.


Baltic Amber containing inclusions


Most Baltic Amber inclusions date between 40-60 million years old, because the biological matter dies and sinks into the resin it does not have a chance to decompose normally due to lack of oxygen and living biological organisms which aid decomposition.

This means that the material we see captured or suspended in the Amber looks as it did 40-60 million years ago. We like to think of Amber as little time capsules!


A insect leg captured in Baltic Amber

As you can see from this large insect leg which was captured in the Amber resin millions of years ago, it looks like one which has just come off a daddy long legs (type of UK fly) yesterday……!!


Insect in Baltic Amber jewellery

Another interesting recent biological inclusion we have found in Amber is this flies bottom (pictured above). You can clearly see its wings and legs, also contained in the same bit of Baltic Amber are air bubbles and  what we believe to be insect eggs Take a look and let us know what you think!


Insect eggs in Baltic Amber


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