Dominican Blue Amber

We recently received a small amount of Dominican Amber to work with on a new Whitby jet and Dominican Amber line. Dominican Amber is a pure Amber just slightly younger than Baltic Amber with its age estimated between 25-35 million years old.

We must admit to be rather excited to work the new Amber, and our first results were very pleasing –


Whitby Jet and Dominican Amber jewellery

It’s exactly the same to work with as Baltic Amber with its variations in colours and inclusions also being similar.
On starting to work our third bit of Dominican Amber we noticed a slight blue tinge to it. After a quick Google search we discovered that we had by pure luck stumbled upon a Dominican Blue Amber stone. The Blue Amber is very rare to find, and a Amazing gemstone.

Under artificial light the Amber looks just like any other Amber does, however once it’s in direct sunlight or under Uv light against a black background it turns a lovely translucent blue.


Dominican Blue Amber under artificial light


Rare Dominican blue Amber jewellery under Uv light

As you can imagine we were most excited about this discovery, and will certainly be keeping an eye out for it in the future……!!


Rare Dominican Blue Amber jewellery


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