Amber insect inclusion

We decided that this week we would have a break from creating any new products, however this didn’t last long…….

While tidying the workshop I came across this bit of Baltic Amber which had fallen off the sorting table, I took the picture thinking that we could post on here a little bit of information on working Baltic Amber at some point.

raw baltic amber 
After taking the shot I noticed that this had a quite large inclusion inside, it was at this point our promise of not making any jewellery this week went out the window!! We just had to have a quick peek at the inclusion 😀

While working the Amber it fast became apparent that the large inclusion was in fact a rather large insect (fly), all other inclusions we have seen are normally midges or tiny flies, this one was twice the size! By this time we were now at the point of no return and so decided we might as well just carry on and make it. 

 insect in amber 
We are very pleased with the finished pendant and are all amazed at the insect inclusion, the fact it’s over 30 million years old just blows our minds!! Below is a close up photo of our new insect (you can even see the hairs on its back),  we hope it amazes you as much as it has us…..

 macro of amber insect inclusion 

Identification attempts are more than welcome………. 😉


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