Past times

I recently brought a very old postcard off a popular auction site as it caught my interest.

The postcard is over a hundred years old and has an image of a Victorian Whitby Jet stall.


Victorian Whitby Jet stall


It got me thinking about how quickly times change! This would have been the equivalent of our Etsy shop back then…..

Instead of taking tonnes of photos, creating listings and trying to get the product online they had different logistic problems, such as transportation-it’s huge and jam packed full of stock. Once transported i bet it took quite some time to get it all set up and displayed properly, I wonder if they used to curse if it started to rain!!

How Whitby Jet is sold may have changed drastically over the years, however the way we collect it and work it has not and I believe never will ! This in part is due to the simple fact it’s quite a scarce/rare and finite resource.

It makes you wonder whats next…….  😮


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