Please share this post…..

Here at JetBlackAmber we take great pride in our products, this means we invest a lot of time and energy into getting each item of jewellery just right and as such we have emotional connections to each and every one we produce. It gives us great satisfaction when the purchasers of our items love them as much as we do!!

It has come as a big shock to have one of our favourite pieces (pictured above)stolen from our Etsy site. We will not go into too much detail on here regarding the who and how’s of it. The reason we are sharing this post is to get the image of this totally unique pendant out there………

This is a one of a kind hand crafted (as all our products are)Whitby jet and Baltic Amber pendant with an insect inclusion. We know the item is in the USA, and ask all who read this to share this post and to keep an eye open for pendant.

This theft has hit us quite hard, and we are all really shocked and upset. It has put us off selling our creations, however we know we cannot let one bad apple ruin it for everyone else and ourselves!

Thank you for reading and (hopefully) sharing this post.

The JetBlackAmber team


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