Oh Poo!

Made you look…… 😀

This is just a little quick post about several recent coprolite finds we have made in the Oxford clay. Coprolites are poo (insert your favourite word) which have undergone the fossilisation process and are now fossils.

Marine reptile coprolite


In the image above are two marine reptile coprolites. These are quite rare finds, and to find two in the space of a few days was quite remarkable. We believe these two coprolites came from a juvenile Ichthyosaur. We will over the next few weeks start taking closer looks at these and if we are lucky we will get a small glimps into what the creature was feeding on. What we will be looking for in the coprolites is tiny fish teeth, bones etc!


Big fish and little fish


Above are three fish coprolites, we can tell this due to the size and again what we see when we take a closer look at them. Fish coprolites are abundant in the Oxford clay, and can be found relatively easily.

Our favourite coprolite to date is the one pictured below, we love this one as it actually looks like a poo….. !


Fossilised fish poo

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