First of a new season

This evening the first Jetblackamber piece of jewellery for the new season came out of the workshop!


Whitby Jet/Baltic Amber pendant

After spending a small (honest…!)amount of time cleaning out the workshop, we decided to create a new Whitby Jet and Baltic Amber pendant. We work in seasons here at Jetblackamber due to the summer months with their lovely light evenings being taken up with activities such as fossil hunting, gardening and even more gardening….!

For this new piece we had set aside a lovely bit of amber around 5 months ago. It had lovely inclusions inside which we were excited to see once polished up! Nerves were tense once we started the cutting and shaping process, luckily and surprisingly no mistakes were made and this stunning pendant was created.

We look forward to creating more unique and (we hope you agree) beautiful items, over the coming months.

The Jetblackamber Team

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