Whitby Jet & Amber

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Whitby Jet and Baltic Amber medium sized pendant

This piece from our workshop is a new but firm favourite due to its stunning inclusions. Along with the 50-60 million year old biological material inside the Amber we have also spotted air bubbles! It seams every time we look at it, we discover something new inside it!


Jet and Amber pendant

Insect in Baltic Amber and Whitby jet pendant

This pendant is a special one!! A insect fly (midge?) captured clearly to see in natural Baltic Amber over 50 million years old! The Amber is then encased in the highest grade Whitby Jet. –Sold

Insect Leg in Amber and Whitby Jet

This is a truly stunning and unique large pendant made from Baltic Amber and Whitby jet. The Amber contains inclusions of which one is a insect leg. I would make an educated guess that it’s a flying insects leg, such as a crane fly or daddy long legs. It’s strange to think that it’s between 40-60 million years old!!!


Insect leg in Baltic Amber and Whitby Jet


Stunning Baltic Amber and Whitby Jet Pendant

A stunning Whitby Jet and Baltic Amber  Banded pendant. The contrasting bands really make this one stand out! It is simply beautiful.



Whitby Jet and Baltic Amber banded pendant

Beautiful Whitby Jet and Amber pebble 

This is a lovely creation and one that really stands out, it’s stunning! Made as all our products are of the highest grade Whitby Jet and Amber, the picture does not do it justice…..


Whitby jet and Baltic Amber pendant

Baltic Amber and Whitby Jet earrings

These earrings have proved to be quite popular, however they are time consuming to create, as such we have taken the decision to make these pre-order only. £40.00

If you would like a pair creating please contact us at – whitbyjet.uk@gmail.com